SOLARDESK Photovoltaic monitoring tool

Manage your solar assets in a simpler and more efficient way.

What is Solardesk?

Solardesk is a hardware independent software for monitoring and managing photovoltaic parks through the web, integrating any device of your PV ensemble into one cloud app.

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Our three key elements
Machine Learning

We use big data and deep learning tools to build models that are used to generate reports, which are created from data diagnosis.


Our platform is independent from any hardware. You can visualize real time and historical data, performance ratios and heat maps.


Integrate your complete portfolio and maximize the performance of your assets, by aggregating technical and financial data driven by prescriptive analysis.


Monitor and manage your solar panels in real time from wherever you want.


Our user interface is simple and optimized for a comfortable experience.

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Access the whiteboard of your panels safely from our service.


Create detailed reports for your clients or learn how to improve your dashboards.

Who is Solardesk for?

PV Assets Management

We have developed an integrated approach to solar asset care, with the ability to predict and compare actual data within your budget and create reports.

Photovoltaic Parks O&M

Solardesk provides a deep learning tool to optimize system workflows, implementing a predictive maintenance program thanks to an intelligent alert system.

Smart Cities

Solardesk brings cutting edge technologies to the future city, thus providing reliable monitoring systems that combines predictive manteinance and consumption programs.

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