SOLARDESK Photovoltaic Software

Manage your photovoltaic plants with our monitoring tool, digitalize your company and save costs.

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  • KPIs, performance ratios
  • Target vs. real data
  • Visualize patterns
  • Degradation and Heat maps

Alerts and ticket system

  • Production and data losses
  • Configuration of criteria for all devices
  • High-impact alerts with root-cause
  • Automatic documentation

Data depth/level

  • Portfolio
  • Plant
  • Inverter
  • String

Additional data sources

  • Weather, satellite, sensors
  • Forecasting
  • Meters, batteries, consumption
  • Deep dive into raw data


  • Central storage of information
  • Upload stringplan, photo and others
  • Commercial files
  • CSV download, full ownership

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

  • Automate processes
  • Proactive, predictive advice
  • Big data analysis
  • Understand all calculations


  • Overview of relevant events
  • Coordinate services
  • Set deadlines

Portfolio management

  • Fleet KPIs, live data connection
  • Comparisons of sites and devices
  • Customizable user roles


  • Use installed hardware
  • Manage all devices (strings, inverters)
  • Connect via API/FTP/HTTPS

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