We provide photovoltaic software to companies

If you are a company in need of monitoring and managing photovoltaic panels, we have the solution.

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How does it work?

Contact us without compromise and we will advise you.

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Analytics view

Enhance your assets with our software designed to help you visualize real time performance, anomalies and discover how to save costs. Do not miss any detail.

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Profile view

Set up proper KPIs to identify those things that cost revenue and increase the value of your assets. Check the current state of your portfolio.

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Alarm view

Integrated alerts and metrics system that enables the engineers in charge of monitoring the plant to streamline their workflows.

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Weather view

Visualize weather forecast maps, look at irradiances, temperatures or clouds predictions, check inclementness alerts all in one site.

What do we do?

Solardesk is a software for monitoring and managing photovoltaic panels through the web. If you are a company looking for a reliable solution to monitor your panels, this is your service.


Monitor and manage your solar panels in real time from wherever you want.


Access the whiteboard of your panels safely from our service.


Our user interface is simple and optimized for a comfortable experience.


Create detailed reports for your clients or learn how to improve your dashboards.


Each profile is created and adapted in a personalized way to your needs.


Manage all your doubts or technical needs through our service.

Would you help us understand the industry better?

We have made a short survey that we would love for you to answer, with which we can better understand the needs of our customers.

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